Three institutions 4% yesterday to win HC SemiTek outstanding shares

  HC SemiTek hands sharply yesterday list, buying seats in the three agencies together to buy 44.17 million yuan. And sell the seats have three agencies list,mr light together to sell 25.01 million yuan, has obviously not as good as buying agency to sell. Can be seen on the first day of the HC SemiTek break occurred yesterday, higher volatility, the stock back up to close above the issue price. Charts show the share price fluctuated in the issue price, the more obvious differences between institutional investors, buyers and sellers are more firmly. According to yesterday’s average transaction price basis, buying the three agencies together to buy about 220 million shares, representing more than 4% outstanding capital stock, the main funding differences in apparent signs gallon.

Chinese LED market bubble burst near, Neon huge loss of 1.4 billion provision for more than 900 million yuan

But had touted concept of LED Neon downhill performance in recent years, the annual end of March this year from profit to loss, a substantial loss of 1.43 billion yuan (same below), led lights online sales dropped, the provision of over 900 million yuan, stunned the market. Municipal environmental protection concept of the LED industry is subsidized bubble burst?

 Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary Chen Zhang said that in 2008 to 11 years in the market melee serious, particularly this year, the worst, “small companies have suffered the largest losses in history.” But he believes that after this year the market reshuffle, war is expected to be terminated.

  refers to excess capacity but demand is still optimistic

 Market doubts LED industry bubble finally burst now, but Chen Zhang said that the current market overcapacity problems do exist, but the overall demand is still large. With LED technology promotion, product prices, to attract more consumers, in addition to a more important aspect is still the government policy to promote environmental protection. He pointed out that Guangdong Province led LED promotion, expected in the next three years the government will promote the consumption of 500 billion LED market, the country is cumulative over one trillion, of which 100 participating companies, however, the company as an industry leader, is still optimistic about the development of the next few years.

  market value of 1.1 billion had earlier issued a profit warning

 He was referring to last year, the company has gradually shifted operations in China, the mainland market sales during the period stated problems arise due to decline in hand with government projects involving funding Yuyi orders, change of government due to liquidity problems and slowed down, but once administrative procedures approved, the material can promote sales this year. The company targets the mainland market sales of up to 5 million, representing an increase of 75% last year, 286 million yuan.
 Early Mainland pushing energy saving, LED industry enterprises are governed by many to join the blitz. Neo-Neon 2007 was pushed up to 18.34 yuan peak, then turn down, in recent years, up to early 2010 6.75 yuan to 1.22 yuan yesterday only.

 However, the company has been the first half of fiscal year profit to loss, a loss of 100 million, despite a profit warning had been issued, but the second half of the loss of a substantial expansion of the true market value of 1.1 billion yuan more than 1.4 billion full-year loss Neon is still surprising .

  Europe sales fell 3 percent reduction half-tired business

 Chen Zhang said the U.S. and European markets accounted for 7 percent of the dismal sales of a heavy blow to the company, sales in Europe fell more than 50 percent, dragged down the overall sales of more than 30% setback. In addition, the provision of up to 950 million yuan last year, including allowance for inventories of 460 million yuan, 124 million yuan provision for accounts receivable, fixed assets and other provisions 140 million yuan. He believes this year’s results will be improved, then such provision will no longer have a significant action.

Guangdong LED public lighting tender please respect the market selection

 HC SemiTek Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) by the China Securities Regulatory Commission license [2012] No. 578 approved the initial public offering RMB ordinary shares (A shares) 5,000 shares at an issue price of RMB 20 yuan per share. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange Shenzhen on the [2012] No. 147, the Company made a public offering of common shares at RMB 1 June 2012 at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM Exchange.

 According to the company in 2011 Third Extraordinary General Assembly resolutions and the 2011 annual shareholders’ meeting, the shareholders meeting formulated the “Articles of Association (Draft)” and authorized the Board to issue shares in this success, according to this public offering equity and results of the actual situation, for industrial and commercial charter amendments, filing and change of business registration matters.

 July 12, 2012, the company achieved Wuhan City Administration for Industry and renewal of the “business license” to complete the change of business registration. Business license information is as follows:

 Registration No.: 420100000048971

 Name: HC SemiTek shares (600,184) Co., Ltd.

 Address: Lake Road, East Lake Development Zone

 Name of legal representative: Zhou Fuyun

 Registered capital: RMB $ 200 million overall

 Paid-in capital: RMB $ 200 million overall

 Company Type: Limited (Taiwan, Hong Kong and domestic joint ventures, listing)

 Business Scope: semiconductor materials and devices, electronic materials and devices, semiconductor lighting equipment design, manufacture, sales, import and export (excluding countries prohibit or restrict the import and export of goods or technology). (The business scope of the project countries have special provisions for approval by the State, or after the period of the approved permit operation) Launch Date: November 8, 2005 Opening period: from November 8, 2005 to (long-term). ”

2011 semiconductor lighting encapsulation technology and products exchange activities

LED industry has now developed quite hot, although the market is still not saturated, but the current LED business is quite intensive. Especially under the government vigorously promote “green lighting project,” “Ten City, ten thousand” and other measures put forward step by step, LED industry is subject to the vigorously sought after. Currently about Insiders said that in 2011 the global LED production capacity is likely to lead to competition oversupply of LED products, LED products, prices are likely to fall into about three. The output value of the global LED industry will be challenged within three years, U.S. $ 50 billion mark, regional value competition is heating up, LED industry will enter ebb period of change. As the market competition is too fierce, in 2010 Japan’s large LED manufacturers have LED bulb price limit, the lowest price has dropped in half, there are industry estimates, with the LED manufacturing costs decline, in 2011 the price of LED bulbs will continue to decline, Compared to 2010 the global LED lighting penetration rate of approximately 3% LED lighting penetration rate in 2011 is expected to reach 6 to 10% in the next two years, South Korea, Taiwan’s LED production value will have its sustained growth, particularly In the LED packaging market, LED’s output will continue to increase. LED products will lead to a drop in prices of these enterprises to vigorously develop the LED industry technology to enhance the technical content, to promote the development of the whole industry.

LED Downlight LED industry to promote industrial development boom

LED is a green light source, and its energy-saving, high efficiency, long life characteristics of the favorite of consumers. At present, the rapid development of China’s LED industry, especially in the field of LED downlight lighting, but also made ​​a series of achievements, receive more attention. Hereinafter we Imagey Electronics will analyze the current developments in the LED industry, which is also conducive to the rapid development of LED downlight lighting industry’s progress. 1. LED lighting industry boom reversing the basic conditions. LED lighting industry, the economy depends on three factors, we believe, the first is to stabilize the backlight market, followed by utilities, commercial lighting, large-scale launch, and the third is the rapid increase in penetration of general lighting. Meanwhile, we determine the next 2-4 quarters, LED commercial lighting fixture in the main application (straight tube lamp, bulb, LED downlight), you will have two years of the economic effects of cost recovery, LED in public and commercial lighting point approaching large-scale application. (2) the rapid growth of China’s LED lighting. Ministry of Planning in 2015 China’s LED downlights industry output will reach 500 billion yuan, we predict that the output value will exceed 300 billion yuan lighting applications, the next four years will reach more than 30% CAGR. Simultaneously from 12 onwards, LED applications have begun to rapid growth, mainly due to commercial lighting, public lighting economies appear; after the massive general lighting applications will close. We think the next two to three years is the LED industry’s rapid growth and high boom period, but also the LED industry investment gold investment period. 3. The rapid development of the global LED lighting, Japan and Europe first eruption. According to Topology Research Institute, the global LED lighting industry in size from 2000 to 38 billion U.S. dollars, increased to $ 14.2 billion in 2011. We expect 2012 to 2014 the global LED downlight lighting industry will maintain an average annual growth rate of more than 20%. Japan is currently the highest penetration rate of LED general lighting areas, there is a certain model for other regions and leading role. Japan to become the European Union is also expected to continue growing LED lighting outbreak area.

LED lights mystery death

Sometimes when you see the LED lamp is not lit, or the LED is not lit, packaging companies, enterprise applications and the use of units and individuals are likely to encounter, Grow Plant Lamp and this is within the industry say the dead lights phenomenon. The reason is nothing more than two situations: First, LED caused by excessive leakage current of PN junction failure, so LED light does not shine, which generally does not affect other LED lights work; Second, LED lights internal connection lead is disconnected, causing no current flows through the LED lights produce death, this situation will affect other LED lights work properly due to low voltage LED lights (red, yellow, orange LED Operating Voltage 1.8V-2.2V , blue, green and white LED Operating Voltage 2.8-3.2V), are generally required to use series and parallel to the connection, to adapt to different working voltage, LED light series more the greater the impact, as long as there is an LED light which open internal wiring , will result in the series circuit of a whole string of LED does not light, visible this situation than the first case to be serious. LED lights are dead affect product quality, reliability of the key, how to reduce and eliminate dead lights, improve product quality and reliability, is the packaging, applications need to solve critical business problems. Here is some of the reasons causing dead lights make some analysis study, generally require grounding resistance of 4 ohms, some demanding applications or even to reach the grounding resistance ≤ 2 ohms. These requirements are for the electronics industry, people are familiar with, the key is in the actual implementation is in place, if there is record. According to my understanding of private enterprises in general, anti-static measures do not in place, which is what most companies finding grounding resistance test records, even grounding resistance test is done once a year, or a few years time, or have a problem when the grounding resistance check, knowing ground resistance testing This is a very important job, at least four times a year (once each quarter tests), some of the requirements a high place, once a month is necessary for ground resistance testing. Soil resistance will change with the seasons and different, spring and summer days rain, wet ground resistance of soil easier to achieve, autumn and winter dry soil less water, ground resistance is likely to exceed the specified value for the record in order to preserve the original data, do to the future well documented. Meet the ISO2000 quality management system. Ground resistance testing can design their own tables, ground resistance testing and packaging companies, LED application companies have to do, as long as the name of a variety of devices to fill in the form, measure the resistance of the equipment grounding record test signatures can be filed.

LED downlight lighting benefits

Compared with the general lighting lamps, energy saving more LED downlight, compared with the existing technology of energy saving of up to 85%. “Grow Plant Lamp” Therefore, more and more people began to accept this new type LED lamp lighting, it will become a new trend of future lighting. In 2009 the meteorological organization started the LightSaver project, and get the HSBC Climate Partnership Program (Climate Partnership) sponsorship, goal is to promote the market acceptance of LED lighting and intelligent lighting control. Through research and development, LED downlight lamp has more advantages: 1 LED lamp life test in 50000 to 100000 hours, a higher rate of return on investment. 2 LED lamp energy saving 50%-70%, intelligent control system with energy saving up to 80%. (test of energy-saving performance ranging from 18% to 85%, 27 products in 20 energy-saving 50% or more, 10 energy-saving 70% or more. 3 LED lamp) after 6000 hours of use “catastrophic” fault ratio is about 1%, by contrast, ceramic metal halide lamps in use almost the time after the failure rate as high as 10%. 4 in Calcutta, London, Sydney and Toronto survey showed that 68% to 90% of respondents in the city to promote LED downlight lamp. To highlight the benefits include increased safety and visibility. LED downlight lamp technology on its performance has been mature. The world city lighting management have been confirmed that the LED lamp does not lose hope, excellent performance, energy saving is prominent, but also gain public recognition, some indicators of LED downlight lamp after an initial period of fluctuation can reach stable light output. Test results show that, LED downlight and other equipment than the existing technology energy saving up to 85%. “All new public lighting — regardless of street lighting or public building lighting — by 2015 should be LED, is the goal of all public lighting to 2020 are used in LED lighting.” The climate group Kenber in a statement said.

Development of LED lighting industry news

The focus of China’s lighting industry market, concentrated in the coastal and eastern Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang area.”NET LIGHT” Shanghai is one of the LED lighting production base in China, the production of lamps are not only sold to many provinces and cities in the country, the annual sales income is over 100 million, at the same time, some products are also exported to overseas countries and regions. The LED illuminating lamp with energy-saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, long life and other characteristics, so by the consumers and the industry alike, is one of the most potential lighting lamps, the development prospects are very good. At present, China’s LED lighting market development space is very wide. In recent years, with China’s people’s living standards improve year by year, urban residential construction and interior decoration unabated, expand the housing area per capita in one room lamp, led to a multiple lamp, increase local lighting at the same time, the lamp is gradually from the low-grade products to the middle-grade product development, civil lighting demand. In accordance with the well-off family city consumption standard, living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom shall be installed on different types of lamps, lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, such as ceiling lamps, chandeliers, wall lamp, lamp, mirror front lamp hood, night lights and so on, and these types of decorative lamps, the LED industry are involved, because the product performance of LED lamp has better than ordinary lamp, so it will be the future direction of the popularization of lighting. From the perspective of development trend, the future of lamps in addition to its appearance and inherent quality requirements more and more outstanding, fashion, personality, the function refinement, content of science and technology, energy saving and environmental protection requirements are also getting higher and higher. As with the people closely related to daily life of the lighting market demand, is growing at an annual rate of 15%.

Overall market demand for LED upgrade

From the 2011′s LED industry development trend, LED panel lights and other products increased penetration, “BUY LED LIGHTING“while government policy guidelines and pulling, LED lighting application development more rapidly, the overall market demand for a larger increase. It is reported that in the second quarter of 2011, LED lighting total revenue had reached 3.2 billion U.S. dollars, in 2012 there will be more breakthroughs, suppliers are also aware of this trend and plans to increase production capacity, so stakeholders are expected in 2013 LED production capacity will reach 2 thousand 27 billion. LED applications continued to rise, which increased demand for the lighting market, not only to achieve strong growth in LED lighting is becoming the main application. LED overall market demand continues to increase, but the LED backlight demand gradually reduced, and began to shift towards LED lighting applications. LED backlighting applications, in all small and medium-size LCD products, portable PC penetration rate of nearly 100%, LCD monitors and LCD TV penetration has continued to increase, but reduce the number of each led package. 2011 total demand for LED-backlit 45.9 billion. Since 2010, the LED-backlit LCD TV to become the main application, accounting for 50% of demand.

Four opportunities for development of LED panel light industry

In recent years, the market size of LED has been improved rapidly, except in the field of LED panel lights and other lighting, LED NET LIGHTING, LED, LED TV and other fields have been very good development, but from the the development potential point of view, LED lighting undoubtedly more momentum. LED panel light has a high light efficiency, long life, energy saving and environmental protection advantages, is one of the most consumers expect LED lighting lamps, LED panel lights enterprises, the moment is facing six development opportunities. First, the standards and testing methods gradual improvement LED panel light industry to the healthy development is inseparable from the technology and product standards, LED industry by the government attaches great importance to and vigorously promote the product demonstration applications, while actively developing standards and norms promote the orderly development of the industry of the LED panel lights. Second, the core technology and patents an increasing patented technology is the world’s leading LED manufacturers gain a competitive advantage, an important means to maintain market share. With LED technology with Moore’s Law to continuously improve performance and reduce costs, the applications greatly expand the market space is doubled. LED panel light has a state-of-the-art R & D technology and a good brand image “lose ground” to dominate the market. Third, to guide government policies to support the LED industry is the State Key foster the development of strategic emerging industries, national and provincial areas continue to increase support capital investment in technology research and demonstration projects, the introduction of a large number of industrial support policies, and through application engineering pilot work, guidance and support to promote the use of LED lighting products. This series of initiatives effectively promote the technological progress of China’s LED industry. But the next five years will be critical period for LED R & D and demonstration phase of the transition to a fully market-oriented phase, as industrial support policies need to be more systematic and meet industry development status, and from consumer-level tax cuts, subsidies for the purchase of government procurement as well as R & D level of government grants and concessional loans to refine. Fourth, there the investment boom Expo, the Asian Games, “Ten thousand ten cities” policy to promote, market demand of LED panel lights. Many cities of the LED industry as a pillar industry development, the domestic LED market outlook, investment at home and abroad to the merger and integration of upstream and downstream enterprises to accelerate the process, the traditional lighting companies, state-owned capital, private capital have also entered the industry investment boom. According to the “12th Five-Year Plan, by 2015 China’s LED panel lights and other related industries reached 500 billion yuan, the industry is facing tremendous business opportunities.